Race Winners

  • 11-9-13, Congratulation to Chris Rini, the winner at the final Zplus Big Dog, at Piedmont Dragway, Julian, NC
  • 10-27-13, Matt Smith was the Winner in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle at the Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt Smith (Viper Motorcycle Company Buell)
  • 10-12-13, John Vergotz #1 Qualifier at Thompson Dragway PA. Asphalt Wars.
  • 10-6-13, Matt Smith was the Winner in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle at the Auto Plus Nationals in Maple Grove, PA. Matt Smith (Viper Motorcycle Company Buell) 0.004 R/T, 6.936 ET at 193.32 MPH in the final round. Smith added another win to his total with a quick reaction time and quick trip down the quarter mile. He led this one from start to finish for his third win this year and 16th of his career, and has been runner up four times.
  • 10-6-13, Dale Smith, Winner Top ET at Piedmont Dragway, IHRA Divisional 1 Team Finals race, put together a near-perfect run in the finals to take the win home for MIR, posting a .001 reaction time with a 4.812 ET on a 4.80 dial at 144.11 MPH.
  • Matt Smith, Winner in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle, September 29, 2013 at the Midwest Nationals in St Louis, MO Runs 6.892 ET @ 195.96 MPH in the Final, Now #4 in the Countdown


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  • If engines are picked up in the state of NC, sales tax will be added at 7.75%.
  • There is no warranty, stated or implied, due to unusual stress on racing parts.


Pro Filler Heads 12 Degree C&C, Pro Filler Intake, Dart Block 10.200 with 903 Conventional Lifter Bushings, Lunati Pro Crank Shaft 4.750, GRP Rods, Venolia Pistons, JE Wrist Pins, Comp Cam Cam, ARP Head Studs, A&C Rings and Bearings, Moroso Billet Oil Pump, Moroso Oil Pan, ATI Balancer, MSD Crank Trigger, MSD Distributor, Manley Titanium Valves, Manley Springs, Manley Retainers and Keepers, Jesel Rocker Arms, Manton Push Rods, Morrell 903 Pro Series Lifters, Moroso 8.8 Plug Wires, Auto Lite Spark Plugs, BRE Sheet Metal Valve Covers, APD 1375 Carburetors, Moroso Vacuum Pump, Meziere Water Pump Fly Wheel.

PRICE:  $28,950.00

More Engines

(1) 784 5" bore space Pro Mod symmetrical port heads engine with billet block and 4 stages of nitrous. $70,500.00 (1) New 565 Bracket engine with carburetor to oil pan. $17,500.00 (1) 555 boat or street engine on pump gas, 700 horsepower. $13,500.00

PRICE:  $ Various

Nitrous Shower Head

Nitrous Shower Head

PRICE:  $175.00